How Occasional Ink was Born:
Occasional Ink (or as we like to call it: OcI), began with Sheryl’s wedding and her can-do determination. While Sheryl was planning her wedding, she fell in love with paper. There was so much spectacular paper out there, and she was not willing to compromise just because of a pesky budget! The search ended when she found the Envelopments line. There was nothing left to want after her first glance and touch of the gorgeous metallics.
Sheryl worked tirelessly using presentation software to manipulate and create her dream invitation suite by hand and loving every ounce of that time. Save the Dates went out, and calls started coming in about how much they loved it. One call in particular was from a good friend who was getting married a month prior to Sheryl ‘s wedding. Sheryl was both flattered and excited to help her with her invitations when she asked! She said, “Sheryl, this is what you are meant to do! You love it, and you are amazing with paper and a computer!” to which Sheryl laughed and just continued with her day.
Fast forward 4 years later, and Sheryl is still helping friends, and family friends with their wedding invitations, Christmas cards, baby showers…you name it, Sheryl has made it! And in those years, the constant theme was, “Sheryl should start a business!” As she started helping her best friend, Ginger work on her wedding suite, Ginger said, ” You know, you should make this a business, you’re great at it, and you love every second of it!”. It was starting to sound like a broken record! But this time it really made her think.
Sheryl had already picked out ‘Occasional Ink’ and toyed with the idea over the years, but something resonated with her when Ginger said it this time. So in June of 2011, Sheryl dove in head first! She registered the business name, bought the domain, and got word out on the street! Ginger, who recently learned that she had a significant paper obsession, is jumping in the business as well!

About Sheryl:
Sheryl Killoran is the designer and owner of OcI. She is punch drunk in love with her husband of four years, Sean, their rambunctious three year old toddler, Conor and four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ginger (not to be confused with the human, Ginger!). Her husband, when not training dogs, is keeping their world in order while Sheryl delights in paper and fonts; while Conor keeps her not only on her toes, but also in stitches!
Sheryl’s love of OcI is two fold: People and Paper. To be able to be a part of a momentous occasion in anyone’s life is an honor. To be able to take those occasions and translate them into paper and type makes it all the sweeter. Sheryl’s approach to working with her clients is how she’s worked with her friends over the past four years: casual, fun and bursting with ideas. But as a true project manager at heart – behind the scenes, there are project plans, spreadsheets, checklists and manic organization to make sure that you get exactly what you want, when you want it!

About Ginger:
Ginger Schroder serves as the other half of the creative OcI Brain. Ginger and her husband Bret were married in October in Mexico, followed by an amazing surprise wedding for friends and family here in Atlanta! With her husband’s crazy work schedule as a firefighter, she can often be found at Sheryl’s house talking paper!
As she and Sheryl were working on the wedding invitations for her own wedding, she became the driving force to really push Sheryl to get Occasional Ink up and running. As they worked to design, print and assemble the invitations, Sheryl started recognizing the dreamy look in her eyes when she started talking pattern, texture and fonts; and knew she had her partner in crime. Along with a growing paper crush, Ginger is also a huge fan of spreadsheets and checklists and is excited to learn the ins an outs of design!

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